Sankta Lucia comes to Hexham to share Swedish Christmas magic.

Sankta Lucia comes to Hexhamsankta lucia children

Children from Hexham First School getting ready for Sankta Lucia at Hexham Abbey

Thanks to our friends from Region Vastra Gotaland, The Embassy of Sweden, Europe Direct, Essity and Handelsbanken Sankta Lucia came to Hexham on the 13th December. The day started with a visit to Essity and a care-home; Tynedale Hospice was entranced over lunch and then the children from Hexham First School stole the show, not once, but twice at the Abbey. A capacity crowd joined the Sankta Lucia Ensemble, a specially formed St Lucy’s Choir from Hexham and the children to share Swedish Christmas magic; make wonderful music and delight in the Sankta Lucia message of goodness and light.

These things don’t happen without a great deal of work so a special thanks is owed to the Hexham Community Partnership and Nordic Voices; Hexham Abbey and of course the children and staff at Hexham First School.

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