Swedish visitors enjoy VR in Gateshead

May 2016 Swedish Visitors HTC VIVE

Software architect Anna Rameback demonstrates a VR headset to Swedish colleagues from Varmland

Visitors from the Swedish digital sector paid a visit to cutting edge virtual reality technology at VRTGO Labs in Gateshead in May.  Gateshead Council hosted the visitors from Region Varmland in West Sweden with the aim of showcasing the area as a business destination for digital companies.  The group also had the opportunity to attend the iconic Thinking Digital conference at Sage Gateshead, now in its 9th year, with over 300 attendees and organised by Gateshead -based Thinking Digital Limited.

This latest visit builds on the Commitment to Collaboration signed last year between Gateshead Council and the Sunne Municipality in the Värmland region, to develop reciprocal trade and investment opportunities.

The group included Magnus Bårdén, Managing Director at Compare, a network representing 100 digital companies.

Magnus said: “I’m really interested in the digital thinking here. We’ve heard a lot about the digital enterprises in Gateshead and I want to know more about the region and its possibilities, as well as make connections and contacts. We’re here for three days and have a lot to see and think about.”

Another visitor, Anna Ramebäck, Managing Director, of Journalia AB, a company developing online systems for the Healthcare sector said:  “We are interested in looking for a different market. I build software for the healthcare market –  managing pharmaceuticals for such things as cancer treatment –  and I’m hoping this trip will help me make connections and give me a clearer picture of how we move forward in our business.”

The delegation also included business development managers from Sunne Municipality and lecturers from Brobygrafiska College, Sweden’s leading product design college. The trip was organised in consultation with Caroline Theobald CBE, the Honorary Consul for Sweden.



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